Garden Office Buildings


What is a Garden Office?

The garden office is a stand alone building that is separate from the house, increasing the amount of living space you have at home. They cost much less than a brick built extension, and are usually added without the need for planning.

Predominantly used as dedicated work from home buildings, they are much more durable than garden sheds. Because they must include insulation and double glazing, their size makes them extremely efficient to heat in winter. Integrated electrics and modern Wi-Fi connections also mean that working from home is now easily achievable.

Did you know, we are one of the top 5 places to buy a garden office, according to research done by Owatrol, and BEST VALUE GARDEN OFFICE on the garden office comparison site. We are also considered to be one of the 5 garden office experts, which have been independently sourced by the Garden Office Guide

What is a garden office

Our Garden Offices are perfect for

  • Garden Office Pods
  • Home Working Spaces
  • Garden Gyms
  • Craft Rooms
  • Home Cinemas
  • Yoga Studios
  • Garden Bars
  • Games Rooms
Garden Office Costs

What are the benefits of a Garden Office?

Firstly, your home office will be free from the distractions of your household, and will allow you to conduct video conference calls with confidence. Knowing that you will not be interrupted by unexpected guests, ensures you to fully concentrate on the job in hand.

By creating a designated workspace outside, you can completely customise it and create a different scheme to that of your house. Because it is separate from the home, take the opportunity to adorn the inside with decor that inspires you. This allows you to concentrate and give you a professional advantage over other home workers that work in the kitchen.

Don’t forget that it saves a fortune on commuting costs, let alone time. And if time costs money, just how much will you be saving. That’s before you calculate the added value that you are putting on your property.

A wooden building by nature is much warmer than a brick construction, so with the addition of PIR insulation, you can easily obtain the equivalent u-value that a new house can provide. Adding double or even triple glazed doors and windows, will also take it to the same level as your house for both security and usability.


Why are they cost effective
Benefits of a garden office

What does a garden office cost, as I have a budget in mind

My budget is under ¬£10,000 ‚Äď can I have one?

Great news ‚Äď The Micro Pod design has 6 – yes SIX sizes that are within your price bracket.

If you chose the smallest size then you can easily achieve the whole project under that £10k bracket. Bearing in mind that the base, furniture and decoration will need to factored in, but it should still leave you enough change to buy a brand new laptop.

The micro pods are brilliant for small spaces as they are a great place to lock up and leave, especially if you only work from home a couple of times a week.

Micro Pod Prices
Micro garden office pod

My budget is ¬£15,000 ‚Äď what are my options?

All of the models are available to you, however the most popular size of 5m wide x 3m deep starts at £15,000 for the building.

To complete the project within the budget, the most common size is 3.8m x 2.4m ‚Äď which is ample for a desk, decent storage and even a sofa for the end of the shift.

Garden Pods and the Contemporary Garden Office are the most common designs in this price bracket.

More Details - Garden Pods
garden office shed

I have a bit more, but how much do most people spend on garden offices?

The most common size for a garden office is 5m wide x 3m deep, as it ticks a number of boxes. If you scroll down further you will see our building feature on Grand Designs, whereby it was a dual purpose building. Not only was it the garden office, it was also a garden bar and outside entertaining room.

The budget for a 5m x 3m building would be between £15,000 and £20,000 for the project, depending on design, specifications and groundwork.

small garden office pod

Do you have Ex-Display buildings for sale?

Yes we do. From time to time we have demonstration units available for sale, or a building that is made up from doors and windows where a customer has changed their mind.

To find out what’s currently available click our special offers button and


Garden Office Offers
ex display garden rooms for sale

Is it worth using Finance?

Using finance to purchase your garden office may well suit you, especially if you’ve experienced a change in your personal circumstances. If this is a good option, you might find that not all banks or finance companies offer the funds for a garden building. With this in mind, we have researched some of the finance companies on the market, and are pleased to say that Pegasus can offer financial packages to purchase our garden offices.

It may be the case that other companies offer a 0% finance package and wonder if we can do the same. We are looking into this option, but it would mean that either the prices need to go up or the quality needs to go down. Unfortunately the 0% finance fees from the broker would need to be passed on to the consumer, and they are currently considerably more than the current finance rates offered from our broker (or the bank).

More About Finance

Can I rent a Garden Office?

Yes you can.

Renting a garden office could be a great option for you, especially if your circumstances change suddenly.

It could also be a great option if you intend to move house, or rent your current home and are looking to move in the short term.

Garden office renting is also a great way to start up a small business at home without being tied down to lengthy commercial renting contracts.

For more details on how to Rent A Pod

Garden Office Pod

How much value can a garden office really add?

It’s estimated that the extra space provided by a garden office can add between five and ten per cent to the value of your home. So if your home is worth, say, £400,000, then you could see an increase of between £20,000 and £40,000.

It could be even more, but this is dependent on all sorts of factors, such as the area you live in, the nature of your property, the size and quality of the garden office and how much of the garden is being taken up. It could be a shrewd idea to chat with a local estate agent about the value of your property and the kind of buyers who are looking in your area before committing to a plan.

Why is a garden office such an attractive feature?

A garden office can add real value to your home because it meets the changing needs of many working people.

This is particularly true of professionals with families, who are keen to exploit the potential of remote working, away from city centre offices, but who also need a quiet, private space, free from domestic distractions. A business owner might be able to give up expensive work premises altogether, so they will see the extra value in your home straight away.  To learn more click the Unbiased link below.


Unbiased Garden Office Review
garden offices increase the value of your property


Contemporary Garden Offices

We’ll start you off with the most popular garden building.

The plain front ensures that you maximise the space available, whilst other designs include recesses or extended cheeks. It comes with one set of French double doors, two side screens and an opening window. The standard cladding is shiplap, but you really get the wow factor by upgrading to cedar cladding. Please see specifications for the what else is included as standard.

So if you are looking for an attractive, cost effective garden work space that is value for money, then this is the one for you.

Free Price Tool - From £10,000
Contemporary Garden Offices

Modern Garden Offices

This is a similar design to the Contemporary, but it features the recessed area to half of the front elevation. Not only does this add a modern look to the garden room, but it also acts as a porch area to protect against the unpredictable British weather. Originally only available in Cedar cladding, popularity has demanded the design is available in shiplap cladding as it appeals to all budget brackets.

The modern garden office is inclusive of an aluminium bi-fold door and two aluminium casement windows, plus composite decking.

In summary, this is for you if you need a fully functional home working space, with a modern design at a sensible price.

Free Price Tool - From £15,500
The modern garden office

Curved Roof Garden Offices

Amaze your friends and family with this stunning bespoke design that will inspire you to do your best work at home. The curved roof design may only available in one width, however it has three depth options, which means it can still appeal to those looking for a unique garden office design at an off the peg price. This beautiful building is clad in cedar and will bring any garden to life, and certainly packs a punch of wow factor.

Included in the price are French double doors, two screens and a casement window, along with the 700mm overhang, side screen and decking. Please note that the dimensions include the 700mm overhang to the front (but not the side overhangs).

The only option that you need to make is to choose the colour of the inclusive laminate flooring.

Free Price Tool - From £14,000
Garden Office Costs

The Garden Studio

The majority of the garden office buildings currently on the market either feature a sloping or a flat roof. This is mainly due to planning restricting the height of buildings to 2.5m (in a majority of cases). If however, you prefer a more traditional looking building with a pitched roof, then either the garden studio or the traditional garden office is just what you are looking for. The Garden Studio features French double doors and screens (or windows), shiplap cladding on the walls, and felt tiles on the roof.

If this design appeals to you, remember that you can increase the eaves height and upgrade to a Tapco Slate roof. Feather edge or Cedar cladding will also make this a very pretty design for a countryside / cottage garden room.

Free Price Tool - From £11,500
Garden Studios by Warwick Buildings

The Traditional Garden Room

The Traditional Garden Office is very similar to the Garden Studio, except that the double doors and screens are exchanged for cottage style doors and windows. Generally set in a countryside plot, however they still look attractive in modern or estate settings. All other aspects remain the same, and can be fully customisable. That way, you can design your new garden office to be a much more characterful home working space than a more modern garden office design.

Generally set in a countryside plot, however they still look attractive in modern or estate settings.

Free Price Tool - From £10,000
Traditional garden offices

Our Garden Office Pods

The Garden Pod Range

The Box Office and the Garden Pod are both ideal, especially if you need a small office in the garden.

They both feature a sloping wall design, however there is plenty of headroom throughout the building. This is the perfect height for adding Ikea furniture to the back wall for storage.

The Box Office is fast becoming the best selling garden pod, coming in at under £10k. The patio door allows natural light to flood in, and the inclusive window controls the ventilation. A modern design that looks significantly modern in cedar cladding.

The Garden Pod however, is available in a large number of sizes, and is fully customisable. French double doors with adjoining screens are inclusive within the price, along with an opening window.

The pod range has been particularly targeted for people with a small garden and would like to work in a smart garden office at a cost effective price.

Garden Pod Details
Posh shed

Design Your Garden Office

A Grand Design

Army surgeon, Leah and ex-army officer Craig’s lives have been dictated by the military. To compliment their very own Grand Design, they chose a Contemporary Garden Office for their outdoor Garden Pod Bar.

Watch Leah, Craig and Kevin McCleod here

Learn More Here
Grand Designs Garden Office

Plan your garden office layout

We know that the garden pod will look great in your garden, but to ensure that you make the most out of your new space you should use a room planner to help with the layout. As a result, it will improve the efficiency of the room, and may impact on where you have doors, windows, lights and sockets. It could also determine where you have it located in the garden.

The use of a room planner is a great way to plan the inside so you can determine the inside layout. It will show you whether your current furniture or proposed new desk will fit neatly in your new room. A simple solution for this is to use the free Ikea tool, as this allows you to easily create a 2d or 3d version of the room, along with the vast selection of Ikea furniture available. It also creates a shopping list, in case any of the furniture is too good to resist.

garden office planner from Ikea

Can I add a Toilet?

The short answer is yes…

The two options are flush fitted toilets, or waterless toilets. Both are suitable for garden offices, and only take up a small amount of space.

But do I need planning permission?

The answer in most cases in no, you do not need planning permission for a toilet in a garden office. This is because our garden rooms are not sold for use as self-contained living accommodation and therefore do not need to comply with the strict rules of building regulations.



Find out more about adding a toilet
Waterless Toilets for garden offices and garden rooms

Garden Office Specifications

Construction Five layer wall section: External cladding with vapour barrier, redwood framing, insulation and internal lining board - creating a 100mm thick wall section.
Single Pitch Roof Design (Contemporary, Modern and Pod Ranges) Five layer system: 9mm plywood internal ceiling, 125mm roof joists, 12mm OSB3 roof boards, breathable felt and external steel sheets onto a single sloped roof.
Dual Pitched Roof Design (Studio and Traditional Ranges) Vaulted ceiling: 9mm plywood internal ceiling, 125mm roof joists, 12mm OSB3 roof boards, breathable felt and a felt shingle external roof covering.
Insulation A choice of 50mm RWA45 acoustic Rockwool or 50mm PIR insulation in walls and roof. 70mm PIR insulation in floor.
Doors & Windows Double Glazed u-PVC doors & windows in a choice of colours. Aluminium doors & windows are standard on the Modern Office range and as an optional extra on all other ranges.

The Groundwork

To get the project off to a good start, the base needs to be flat, level and smooth. This is normally either a concrete pad or a paving slab base, as it is the most cost effective way to do a ground supported slab.
This is the best solution for a garden office base as it creates a solid platform to work from, throughout the whole of the building structure. It is also generally finished at ground level, to ensure the maximum 2.5m height can be utilised for the building.

Other alternatives for groundwork, include ground screw bases, with timber frame platforms. These are a suitable option, but the floor framing will be included within the height of the structure. This can reduce the ceiling height, if thicker structural timbers are required.

For more details on the garden office groundwork, including suitable contractors click the following link…

Garden Room Groundwork
Garden Office Groundwork

Garden Office Electrics

Each garden office includes the first fix wiring, and is hidden neatly within the cavity. Not only does this allow you to be up and running quickly, it also ensures your office looks professional too. In addition to the wiring being integrated, the sockets, switches and lights are all flush fitting into their respective panels.

We provide all of the faceplates, luminaires and a consumer unit, for those who can do the second fix themselves. Otherwise, a qualified electrician will be required for the second fix internal connections, and to install the power feed.

The standard garden office includes 3 x double sockets, 1 x switch and internal LED spotlights. Most designs also include deck lights in the overhang, which really enhances the building at night.

More Details
Electrics in a garden office

Garden Office U-Values

The biggest question on everybody’s lips is… Are they warm enough in winter?

The short answer is yes, although you will need a small electric heater to boost the temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the heat loss is minimalised by the construction materials. Each construction material is given an R value, and together they are calculated to create a U-Value.

The lower the U-value, the more thermally efficient the wall construction is, so a U value of 0.30 is much better than one of 2.35.

Current building regulations require new houses to be under 0.30 W/m2K, in order to pass the current specifications.

So how does that compare to our garden rooms? Well, it’s great news for us…

Our floors are 0.17 W/m2K, whilst our walls and roofs are 0.25 W/m2K, making them extremely efficient and cheap to run.

Find out more about U-Values
Garden Office U Values

Where can you deliver and install?

LOCALLY WE DELIVER AND INSTALL GARDEN OFFICES IN Warwickshire, Worcestershire, The Costwolds, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, East and West Midlands,
SLIGHTLY FURTHER AFIELD, WE ALSO SUPPLY AND FIT UP TO 125 MILES Nottinghamshire, Berkshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire, Shropshire, Derby, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Essex, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Wales, Yorkshire, Dorset,
IF YOU ARE EVEN FURTHER AFIELD OUR GARDEN ROOMS ARE PROVIDED ON A SUPPLY ONLY BASIS Northumberland, Scotland, Channel Islands, Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, Devon,

I live in a terraced house – can you install a garden office?

Yes we can. Because our garden offices are built in sections , generally that means they can pass through doorways and gateways. In most cases the side access for gardens is wide enough to take the components to site, but for customers living in a terraced house, or sites with no side or rear access, then a straight line is required from the front to the back. If you are still unsure, then contact us with a video of your access from the front to the back. Once we view the video, we can determine what is possible and how much it will be.

Small Garden Office in malvern

Does a garden office need planning permission?

Garden rooms and offices are considered to be permitted development in most locations. Providing you are in the back garden, did you know that you can build on half of the plot as long as you don’t protrude past the front of the house.

If you are within two metres of the boundary, then the new building can be up to 2.5m high, and even taller if you are over two metres away from the boundary line. This allows you to have a pitched roof up to four metres, or alternatively, a flat roof up to three metres tall.

Should you be in areas of outstanding natural beauty, within grounds of a listed house, or in a garden flat however, then you are likely to require planning permission.

Garden Office vs Insulated Garden Shed

Is there a difference between a garden office and an insulated garden shed? Well the short answer is yes… A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE.

Garden office and garden pod manufacturers understand what construction methods are required for a year round home office. It’s not simply a case of stuffing in insulation and changing the shed door for a glass door. That’s what’s known as a summerhouse, and you wouldn’t work all year round in a summer house!

Find out more here
Work from home office

Need more inspiration. Take a look at these outstanding work from home buildings

But is it possible to have...

A window in the Box Office Yes you can. We actually use the Pod configurator for this
The pod without the front cheeks Yes - that is possible. We can do that if you prefer the look
The curved roof office with extended front wall on both sides Yes - we can do this for you. We can also do slatted screens both sides
A slatted screen in place of the solid side wall on the the Curved Roof Yes, we can swap the solid wall for a slatted screen
Extended side walls on the Contemporary design Yes - we can do this to look similar to the Elegance design, only with a different roof line
Extended roof overhang to cover a hot tub. Yes - this is easy to do. It can be fully open or partly closed with a back and side wall

I have something else in mind

The online configurator is set for modular construction methods, however we do understand that customers would like something a bit more bespoke. If this is you, then please contact us to discuss what is possible, as it is likely that we have created something similar in the past. It could be that we haven’t got a picture, however you may find something similar to what you are trying to achieve here.

Bespoke Design Gallery
Garden Office in Birmingham

Case Study

Shed & Breakfast

During a pretty dramatic renovation of their home which included taking off the roof, ripping up the floors and knocking down every single internal wall!

Daisy & Jon revelled in shed dwelling during the two years it took to rebuild their home, and are delighted to show you what eventually became a main source of income.

Case Study

Working from home

With his business thriving, Greg needed an office at the back of his garden so that he could keep his work and personal life separate. He contacted us, as his neighbour had recently had their second building from us, whereby we initially discussed the design at our showroom. Watch Greg take you through the steps from start to finish, as we supplied and installed his garden office at the top of his garden.


Lights in the overhang

Garden rooms and offices have lights in the overhang on most models. These lights are fitted with a plug, hence we provide a high level single socket for the plug to get power from. They are tested on the day, but will need the electrician to finish setting up. The options are:

1. Drill a small hole and poke the flex through – re-fit the plug and simply use the socket as standard. You could also add a manual 24 hour timer that clicks on and off at your preferred times, so the lights come on without a light switch.

2. Remove the plug and hard wire the cable into an electronic timer. This is a neater way of doing the same as option 1.

3. Request for the lights to be switch operated. We will change the location of the plug – leaving it at the switch location. Your electrician will need to remove the plug and hard wire to the switch as required.

If your overhang lights suddenly stop working, it is likely to be a problem with the transformer due to a power surge or power cut. The transformer is located behind the single socket, hence you will need to turn off the power – remove the faceplate, and back box to find it. To avoid buying another set of lights, this is the best replacement

Beautiful Garden Rooms from Warwick Buildings

(click for details) – you will need to trim the wires either side of the existing transformer and replace with the new one.

Do you offer a turnkey solution?

We work on the basis of providing value for money. Having been in business for a long time we have grown to understand that you get what you pay for, hence we have kept faithful to our suppliers for a number of years, so that we receive the best level of service whilst maintaining a quality product. We accept there are cheaper materials, and less expensive staff – however the acid test is would we buy from ourselves? The answer is an overwhelming yes…. and in fact, we have sold buildings to a large number of our suppliers, who have the luxury of being able to visit quite a lot of our competitors.

Whilst this doesn’t answer the turnkey question – what it basically means is that we don’t inflate our price by adding significant costs to your project by simply managing it for you. We have a team of local builders that are prepared to get their hands dirty, and we have plenty of contacts for electricians who don’t use a book of excuses and leave you stranded.

For a full round up of how far down the line we can get to, check out our Turnkey Solution page

Do you have any recommendations for the additional electrical work?

Andy Punnett – A.S.P Electrics – 01926 428228 / 07880 717018 (Warwickshire)

George Whyman Electrical (also on CheckaTrade) – Stratford on Avon – range 25 miles
07938 952253 –

Andy Wood – Hertz Electrical Contactors – 01788 541403 / 07875 146350 (Midlands)

Blaby Electrical Systems – Leicester – 01162 883493 (Leicester / Nottingham / Warwickshire / Northants)

Luke Robbins Electrical – within 1 hour of Warwick – 07886 182379

Robert Williams – Riviera Electrical – 01327 317210 – Daventry / Banbury

DCM Electrical – Matt – Kenilworth – 07931 353717

Berkhamsted Buckinghamshire – Andrew Berkleigh – 07919 160663 –

Do you have any recommendations for groundwork contractors?

Daron Langford – Warwickshire – 07739 695442
Dave Bashford (Elite Builders) – Solihull/West Midlands – 07899 893815
Paul Oliver –¬†West Midlands¬†– 07778 215889
Chris Woolmore – Rugby – 07828 437903
Tim Pearman – Worcestershire – 07831 477585
Woolliscroft Groundwork – Worcestershire – 07961 668971 –
Kelvin Hughes – Evesham – 07973 361143
Ben Harwin – Cambridgeshire – 07960 033476
Scott Mccue – Leicestershire – 07916 138164
Urban Diggers – Hemel Hempstead – 07846 430271
Shadow Environmental Services (Removal of existing buildings/asbestos) – London, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire – 0207 226 6990 / 07918 070210

What groundwork is required for garden offices?

Concrete Pad or Paving Slab Base
150mm compact hardcore: DPM: 100mm concrete: or
150mm compact hardcore: 50mm paving slabs on cement sub base

Garden rooms and offices require a flat & level pad of either concrete or paving slabs.
The base will need to be at least the same size as the building you are looking to have, and you
will require 400mm clearance to objects such as fences, trees or other buildings.
We can work within a 10mm tolerance (which a competent builder can easily achieve).

Alternatively, if you are within our standard radius we are able to offer the option of a ground-screw base (on certain models).

What happens if trees are not cut down?

Good forestry management requires the selective felling of trees which would otherwise gradually lose tensile strength over time and which would inhibit new growth resulting in forests which contain a lower grade quality timber overall. Careful forest management is a necessary practice to maintain balanced and healthy forests and should not to be confused with indiscriminate de-forestation which is seen in areas of the world particularly in regions where tropical rain forests predominate and which devastate wild life habitat and contribute to global warming.

Is my garden room/office suitable for year round use?

The Garden Rooms and Offices are fully insulated for year round use. They are designed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, however the location in your garden will have an impact on how warm / cool the building is.

North faced gardens will have buildings that are naturally cooler throughout the year, whilst south facing garden will be naturally warmer throughout the year.

A building in the shade or in a north faced garden, will need a small heater during the winter months, but will remain cosy when the building is up to temperature.

A building in direct sunlight or in a south facing garden will benefit from more ventilation and blinds between the glass to keep the building cooler.

The size I required isn’t listed, can you still build it?

The price list has been created to give a price for our most common sizes. If you require a different size to fit in a space available, please contact us to get an accurate price.

Because each building is individually created for you, a guide for the price would be the closest to the size that you are looking to have. Please do get in touch on 01926 815757 and talk to us about your project.

How long will my building take to build on site?

Garden Rooms are usually constructed within 1-2 days (up to 6.2m x 3.6m sizes) depending on the final specifications.

Garages up to 6.1m x 6.1m are usually constructed within 1 day. Larger buildings will often take 2 days on site.

Commercial Buildings usually take 1 week on site Рdepending on the final specification.

How long will my building last?

We regularly have customers that have buildings re-roofed at 15 and twenty years old – who are quite confident that their buildings will last double that time if they get general maintenance and care.
This building was taken by a customer and we have worked out that it was 18 years old, and was still original. The customer has painted the building regularly with Protek Woodstain.

This garden office is 12 years old and has been regularly treated with Dark Oak wood protector. It features timber doors and windows, along with brown felt tiles.

This garage is 24 years old and still has it’s original layer of green mineral felt.

What is the lead time?

The lead time for a building can vary between 2 – 6 months.

You are welcome to book in advance to secure a delivery slot, and still make adjustments to the design up to the point that the base has been constructed.
(Please note that items that have been specifically order for you will still need to be paid for)

Is tanalised timber waterproof?

Tanalised timber is not waterproof, so it is still subject to the natural expansion and contraction as the moisture content in the surrounding atmosphere changes. It advised that a water repellent (clear or colour) treatment is applied to not only maintain the appearance of the building but also to help to exclude moisture being absorbed by the timber surfaces.

Are all hardwoods more solid than softwoods?

Somewhat confusingly this is not always the case – Balsa wood for example is an extremely ‚Äôsoft‚Äô wood as is Cedar however both are classed as hardwoods. The high quality softwood used by Warwick Buildings is in fact a ‚Äėhard‚Äô wood and it is this quality which stands out particularly to those who visit the Warwick Buildings Show Site to view the buildings in person ‚Äď one simply cannot mistake quality construction and materials when seen first hand.

Can my garden room be used as a music studio?

We can provide RWA45 Rockwool acoustic insulation in place of the standard insulation and the option to upgrade to triple-glazed doors and windows.

RB Studios¬†in Birmingham¬†have utilised 5 of our garden offices as music studios. These studios have been used by¬†many famous Artists and Bands, and are Birmingham’s longest established recording and rehearsal¬†studios.

How do I get internet to my garden room/garden office?

There are two ways to get internet to the new Garden Office.

Option 1 is to have a CAT 5 cable coming from a router in your house, down the garden and into the back of the building.
We can supply a back box specifically for a CAT 5 cable. Usually the cable is better to be unbroken – hence we don’t internally wire with a CAT 5 cable to pug into

Option 2 is to purchase a WiFi extender kit or a mobile data dongle.

Please explain the electrics?

Garden Rooms and Offices include the first fix wiring, along with the consumer unit, lighting and the faceplates.

All wiring is installed within the cavity and is ready for an electrician to connect the tail ends of the wiring at the consumer unit and the faceplates.

The electrician will need to provide and install a power feed from your house / garage to the new building – usually a 6mm armoured cable is used. The wiring provided is 1.5mm cables for lighting on a 6 Amp fused circuit, and 2.5mm cables with a 32 Amp breaker for the sockets – on a ring main.
There is space for a 3rd breaker if it is required for another feed.

It usually takes half a day for the internal connections, plus the time required for the electrician to install the cable that you require.

Our electrician can offer customers in Warwickshire and Worcestershire with installation and certification independently Рplease contact him directly (Andy Punnett) via his website If you live in Berkshire or Hampshire, please contact Ben Thorp on 07917 131984

Please explain the window options available?

We have suppliers for u-PVC and aluminium windows, all of which can be fitted into any of our buildings.

u-PVC Windows are the standard option for Garden Rooms and Offices due to their maintenance free properties. Available in a a choice of colours, but usually supplied in the popular Anthracite Grey or Black. The u-PVC windows can be fitted into any of our buildings and it is becoming increasingly more common to have them in garages and workrooms.

Aluminium is usually provided as bi-fold doors. Windows are available in Aluminium again available in a range of colours Рwith Anthracite grey being the most popular choice. You can select u-PVC as this also matches the Aluminium Bi-Fold doors.

Please explain the cladding options available?

Shiplap – 16mm x 125mm Scandinavian Redwood machined to our unique profile, with an extra long rebate to allow for natural movement of timber. It is pressure treated to a light green colour to protect against rot & decay for 15 years and is the ideal choice for customers who like a smooth finish and little maintenance.

Feather Edge Р25mm x 150mm home grown spruce with a sawn finish, that provides a much thicker and heavier look to the shiplap. Again it is pressure treated in a light green colour, and is the ideal cladding for customers looking for a traditional looking building that is full of character. The size and weight of the feather edge along with the manufacturing processes mean that this board is a more expensive option over the shiplap cladding.

Cedar – 12mm x 100mm Tongue & Groove cladding machined to create a modern looking finish. Each board is unique as this beautiful cladding¬†naturally ranges from¬†a dark hardwood to a light pine in colour thus creating a¬†fantastic looking natural building. The hardwood properties of Cedar mean that it¬†hardly expands or contracts during changes in weather,¬†whilst it¬†also has it’s own unique protection against rot, decay and insect infestation. Whilst the Cedar will fade in the sunlight, it is a must for customers looking for that wow factor on a¬†garden room or garage, and it will continue to offer that feeling especially if protected against UV rays with Restol Oil.

How much clearance do I need around my building?

We require a minimum of 600mm around the building to be able to fit the cover strips and guttering on the outside of the building.

If you have less space available please contact us on 01926 815757, as we will discuss the options available on an individual basis – it may be that we can still accommodate your project.

What can I have without planning?

Buildings close to a boundary will need to be 2.5m high. If you require a taller building without planning you will need to be more than 2m away from your boundary.
You will need to locate your building either to the side or to the back of the house – buildings in front of the house will need planning permission.

Please note that the customer is responsible for planning permission, and may need to contact the council for full clarification of their permitted development rights.

If you require planning permission, you will need a local planning consultant or architect to prepare the drawings required for a planning application. We can provide the information for you to allow the drawings to be produced. You can then either submit the application yourself or employ someone to do so on your behalf.

Our recommended contact for this service is Keenan Project Designs Ltd (RIBA)

Mobile:  07507 355 997

Telephone:  0800 233 5787



What maintenance is required?

The weather, location and the sun can all have an effect on buildings, however throughout our 35 years we understand how our product works and how it stands up to the test of time.

Your maintenance schedule should be:

  • To clean the gutters out to keep free from debris
  • Adjust doors and windows that have expanded or contracted through weather conditions
  • Remove debris from the roof
  • Treat the outside of the building as required to maintain an attractive appearance. (This provides a waterproof coat to the timber and keeps the moisture content of the wood consistent – which in turn improves the stability of the timber, and reduces the expansion & contraction of the timber)

Our guarantee is in respect of design and manufacturing faults, corrosion and rot for 10 years from the date of installation.


  • As promised

    Everything was exactly as promised - thank you!

    Ms Connan

  • Excellent organisation, great products

    Excellent organisation, great products, very "can-do" staff and outstanding customer service. Highly recommended.

    Andrew Murphy

  • Great communication throughout

    I spotted your van when you were at my neighbours, popped in to see what they were having, and liked what I saw. What else can I say - great product, great communication throughout - easy process - very happy.

    Mrs Nix

  • We love our new garden office

    Thanks for an outstanding buying experience. From the start, Warwick Buildings have been fantastic. The delivery & build team were great! We love our new garden office.

    A Murphy

  • Superb.

    Superb. I've just had a garage supplied and installed by Warwick, and have been very impressed with both the building itself and their customer service and support. The building was supplied and fitted ahead of schedule, which was nice. After initial installation there were a couple of minor snags, which Warwick addressed and put right first thing the next day. You can't ask for more than that. I would wholeheartedly recommend Warwick based on both the quality of their product and their customer service.

    Chris Baker

  • I was impressed

    All 5 stars. I was impressed with the speed and the tidiness of the erecting of the garage, and the politeness of the team.

    Mr Warren

  • Add a smart home switch

    The building is brilliant - service was fantastic. Would like to have the option of a smart light switch so Alexa can turn on the lights.

    Neil & Kendra

  • Worth the wait…

    A long wait but worth it in the end. The installation team were brilliant, as were the office staff.

    T Murrell

  • I am very happy

    I am very pleased with my new garden office and with the service + support received from the office + onsite teams. The attention to detail is excellent everywhere and I thought this was worth mentioning. I am very happy.


  • We LOVE our garden office

    Hi Team Warwick…
    Hope you are all well. We LOVE our garden office and I’ll send you some photos in a mo, although we haven’t quite finished decorating the garden outside so will send you more once we have!
    Many thanks

    Amanda D

  • Very helpful.

    Visited here to get an idea of the possibilities for a new garden office workshop we are looking to have built. They have examples of the various buildings that appear on the website, makes it a lot easier to picture the options, and to get real idea of scale. The gentlemen we spoke to was very helpful. Now just need to put our design on paper.

    Dave Deacon

  • We’re very pleased with the car port

    Thank you - we're very pleased with the car port. The service from Warwick Buildings has been excellent at every stage.

    Mr Barnes

  • They were excellent

    Just to commend your onsite team - they were excellent

    Mrs Johnson

  • Recommended by a friend

    A friend recommended me to Warwick Buildings. Glad they did. 5 stars all round.

    Mr K Bailey

  • Fantastic service

    Fantastic service - the team are a credit to you. Thank you also for the recommendation of Daron for the concrete base

    C Judd

  • Excellent Service

    Excellent service. Online design process was incredibly simple. Communication ahead on install was faultless and the install was quick and the team very friendly. Would highly recommend. Great price too.

    Craig W

  • So professional & efficient

    Positive experience from first call to your office requesting brochure, to erection of office on site. The on site team were amazing - so professional and efficient.

    Mr Kings

  • Excellent Service

    5 Stars - excellent service from start to finish

    Pete Carpenter

  • Great to the see garage erected so quickly. It looks good.

    Great to the see garage erected so quickly.  It looks good.

    M Cowing

  • Everything I had hoped for.

    I was unable to visit the show site and so was a little concerned as to what the build quality would be like. I needn’t have worried as when the product was delivered it was everything I had hoped for.

    Mr Pygall

  • Superb customer service

    Super customer service. 5 Stars to all aspects of the purchase - many thanks. Just for information - I was recommended.

    Mr Denby

  • Professional, respectful and efficient

    We are really happy with the service provided. Andrea in sales was very attentive and your delivery & on-site team were extremely professional, respectful and efficient.

    S Jones

  • Many thanks

    Many thanks to you and the installation team we are very pleased with our buildings that have been constructed over the past couple of days. They compliment the 2 garages and a pool shed which have been built on the property since 2004

    M Beeny

  • The team were excellent.

    The team putting up the room were excellent - polite and efficient. You were recommended by our daughter in law - and we will pass on the recommendations.

    Mr & Mrs Goss

  • First class

    Mr dealings with the office and team who erected the building were first class

    Miss M Samm

  • Really helpful staff with a can do approach.

    Really helpful staff with a can do approach and a great show site that shows the quality of the products. The visit firmed up ideas for a new stable block and within budget.

    Richard Bowden

  • Well made and sturdy, never damp or wet inside, been well worth the money.

    I've had one of these garages for around 12 years and can't fault it, well made and sturdy, never damp or wet inside, been well worth the money.

    Steve Harris

  • Professional staff and a stunning product.

    Fantastic company. Did exactly what they said they would. Professional staff and a stunning product.

    James Smith

  • Very pleased, professional efficient service from start to finish.

    Very pleased, professional efficient service from start to finish. Garage looks good and hope it stands the test of time.

    Barney Smith

  • Keep up the excellent service

    Keep up the excellent service

    P. Oliver

  • Just down the road

    Needed a decent workshop and just down the road - so a no brainer!

    Richard Turner

  • Fantastic service all round

    Fantastic service all round. We're really pleased with our garage and extend our thanks to everyone at Warwick Buildings

    Toby W

  • Service was outstanding from start to finish

    Service was outstanding from start to finish. Andrea was so helpful, and Jake was efficient with booking everything in. The guys on site couldn't be faulted, and Daron did a fab job with the base.

    S Allen

  • 30 Years old – still looks fantastic

    I'm finally returning as a customer, as I would like 2 buildings for the house I'm moving to in Norfolk. The last one is 30 years old and still looks the same as the day it was put up. No rot, no decay - just a brilliant building. The overhangs really protect it, and I've only re-felted it once in all that time. I'm delighted you're still in business as I'm not looking anywhere else for the new ones.

    Mr Ford

  • Excellent Service

    Hello Andrea Thank you very much for this I have been able to order the additional units. Excellent service. Best wishes Roger

    Roger Nowell

  • I found them great and the building I bought is quality

    Well I'm just going to sell my 4 year old "traditional office" supplied by them as I don't use it much and came across these reviews. My office is (as stated) four years old. Still 100% water tight everything is perfect despite being under a tree all the time. I found them great and the building I bought is quality....

    Richard Jenkinson

  • Brilliant Company

    Brilliant Company, have dealt with them on more than one occasion, outstanding staff and service, would certainly recommend

    Keith Walker

  • Excellent & prompt response to queries

    Wonderful product, exactly what we wanted. Exemplary service at every stage. Excellent and prompt response to queries... Jake particularly awesome!

    Mr Young

  • My previous garage is still good after 13 years

    I previously bought from you in 2007. Still the same quality, and service. My previous garage is still good after 13 years so I knew how good the quality of your garages was before I decided to buy this one. Your office staff were also excellent.

    Mr Ironside

  • Quality & Service 5 STARS

    I chose Warwick Buildings simply because I went to the showroom, and they designed the building on the internet with me. Brilliant.

    Mr Cooney

  • Super buildings

    I'm a very pleased returning customer. Super buildings as always. Looking forward to the next one.

    Viv Morgan - Northleigh School

  • How amazing is that!

    My garden room was 24 degrees this morning without heating on - how amazing is that!

    Jean Clymer

  • Excellent on site team

    Local customer and was recommended. The on site team were excellent, as were the office staff. 5 stars too for the showroom and website. Would certainly use you again if I moved house.

    Mr N Taylor

  • Work ethic was magnificent

    5 stars. Is there anything else you would like to say? YES - where did you get your quality staff from? Work ethic was magnificent.

    Jack H-F

  • Excellent service – as always

    I'm a previous customer (as you know) and this is my 3rd garage from you. Excellent service as always - I'm delighted with the garage. Thanks

    S Prevett

  • Great service

    Good morning David, As you know Miles dropped over yesterday morning and sorted out the problem with the bifold doors on my new office. Thank you very much for responding so promptly and resolving the problem. Great service. Regards, Louise P

    Louise P

  • On site team very pleasant & efficient

    5 stars all round. Would recommend to friends. On site team very pleasant & efficient.

    Mr Reynolds

  • We are so pleased

    Excellent all round. From visitor showroom, to the installing. Building is fabulous. Well done to the whole team - we are so pleased

    Darren P

  • We’re very happy with the quality.

    I have previously purchased THREE double garages from Warwick Buildings, the first over twenty years ago is still standing, although unsurprisingly, we re-roofed it. Currently I'm awaiting a quote for a workshop - but the similar one they delivered and erected two years ago is still like new, no issues at all. We're very happy with the quality.

    David Holmes

  • Loving the office

    Loving the office.  Quality product, thank you

    John & Susan D

  • Credit to the company

    The guys who installed were professional, fished in good time, left the garden tidy - credit to the company

    Mr Blencowe

  • Three super buildings

    The first two buildings that we used for classrooms, were so good that we decided to dismantle one of the old sheds and have a new one in it's place. Thank you - the students and the staff are in heaven.

    Viv Morgan

  • Value for money

    I chose Warwick because they adapted my office to suit me, and they would always update any changes in writing. OK the lead time was a bit longer than I'd anticipated, but that meant they were busy, so it gave me confidence that my money was safe. The team arrived and built it in next to no time, and they even cleared up after themselves... I'd have no hesitation in recommending them


  • Excellent Job

    5 stars on every aspect, but an extra mention for the on site team as they did an excellent job installing my garden room

    M Grant

  • Not all companies offer such after sales support

    Hello, we bought one of your lovely garden buildings 5 years ago. We now need to move it. Any advice? Thank you ....... David,  Marcin and colleague moved the building successfully on Saturday.  Thanks for your help with this. Not all companies offer such after sales support.  Best wishes Brian Dimmock

    Brian D

  • 5 Stars

    5 stars again - need I say more

    Former customer

  • We are delighted with our Contemporary Garden Office

    We are delighted with our Contemporary Garden Office. From visiting your beautiful showroom, right to finishing , all has been excellent. Very helpful staff, clear and easy to use website, very pleasant team who erected building. Well made, well insulated, great value. Thank you very much.

    Mr & Mrs Bunce

  • Fantastic service

    Fantastic service from start to finish - a job well done. Thanks!

    Mr Burnett

  • Great to support local business

    Very professional throughout. Being able to view the product and discuss design and alterations was very important, especially when spending this amount. Seeing the product is key, plus being local - it was great to support local business.

    S. Turpin

  • It has enhanced our garden, the structure is very sound and looks great. Highly recommended.

    I was looking for an alternative to a standard concrete garage and found Warwick via google. I paid them a visit and was impressed with the standard of the wooden buildings they manufacture, so placed an order. Garage is now complete and I am very very pleased, it has enhanced our garden, the structure is very sound and looks great. Highly recommended.

    Mike Thornley

  • On site team fabulous.

    Showroom excellent - Sales team efficient - On site team fabulous - Building magnificent - Coffee to die for (in showroom)

    Ian Jones

  • Another building

    We bought a curved roof office last year - so the next studio naturally was built by you.

    Mr Williams

  • Left the site immaculate

    Gus who came to site were lovely. Very polite, professional and friendly. They left the site immaculate. 5 stars for everything else

    T Widdall

  • We are so glad to have found you.

    We are so glad to have found you. We are surrounded by 'bespoke' garden office companies here in London - but your range is just as impressive. The showroom visit sealed the deal for us + we are thrilled with our new garden office. Your prices are much more reasonable than most, and your team have been FANTASTIC from start to finish.

    Amanda - Twickenham

  • 5 Stars

    5 Stars all round. Nothing else to say.

    Mr Chapman

  • Fantastic service from a very reputable company.

    Fantastic service from a very reputable company. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a garden office.

    Jamie Dorrance

  • Cracking Job

    Hi, I have to say your guys did a cracking job here on the build and with cleaning the site up they are a credit to your company. Sincerely Mr and Mrs Widdall

    Mr and Mrs Widdall 

  • Always approachable

    Always approachable + helpful


  • Great company – would certainly recommend.

    We've had two buildings from Warwick. First one over twenty years ago which we insulated and finished off ourselves. It's been brilliant so we had no hesitation to go back when we needed a second one. This time we chose a contemporary design which was fully kitted out, saving us time, money and arguments. Same lad that did the first one is still working there and takes care with the finishing touches. Great company - would certainly recommend.

    Chipping Campden Scouts Treasurer

  • See google review

    Not many people add a Google review as well as sending back their aftersales questionnaires. Mike was delighted with the new garden office and rated the office team as outstanding, and the on site team as excellent. The full review is on Google.

    Mike Smith

  • Your fitting team were brilliant

    Hi - Very pleased with the finished project, your fitting team were brilliant. Managing Director - Redbrick IT Solutions

    Darren B

  • Loving the garden office

    I've known Warwick Buildings for a long time and I've been daydreaming about working from home in my very own garden office for years. Finally I've managed to connect the loose ends together, and I am now enjoying the increased enthusiasm that I get from the improved vista that overlooks the valley below. It's certainly been worth the wait. Loving the garden office

    Alice T

  • Answered our questions promptly

    Fitting team were very efficient. Jake was very helpful - answered our questions promptly.


  • Five Stars All Round

    After an extensive internet search I chose Warwick Buildings for my home office. Thank you to the entire team. Easy to understand price builder, great sales team, fabulous on site team. 5 Stars all round.

    Mr Arnold

  • 23 Years old and looking fabulous

    Dear David You built the garage for me in Nov 2000 and the wood is as good today as when you built it and I’ve been very pleased with it. Rain stopped my Cuprinol painting this morning but I thought about the possibility of replacing the felt with Tapco slates, depending on price etc, as it has plenty of life left in it. Best wishes Mark D.

    Mark D

  • Erection crew were tidy and co-operative

    Erection crew were tidy and co-operative. Availability of lining important factor in my purchase. Satisfied customer.

    Mr Keevil

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