Garden Office Electrics


Please explain the electrics

Each garden office includes the first fix wiring, and is hidden neatly within the cavity. Not only does this allow you to be up and running quickly, it also ensures your office looks professional too. In addition to the wiring being integrated, the sockets, switches and lights are all flush fitting into their respective panels.

We provide all of the faceplates, luminaires and a consumer unit, for those who can do the second fix themselves. Otherwise, a qualified electrician will be required for the second fix internal connections, and to install the power feed.

Garden Office Electrics

What is first fix?

The first fix wiring is when the cables are adding during the construction stage.

Because the building looks far smarter with the wiring hidden in the cavity, we have developed a system that allows us to create a ring main within a pre-fabricated construction method.

This means that prior to assembly on site, all of the wires are in the walls and the roof, ready for our teams to plug together, ready for your electrician to attach the faceplates.

All cables run in safe zones and are located behind the top coving.


Who does the second fix?

After the garden office has been assembled, the tails will be left for either you or an electrician to connect to the furniture that we provide.

Garden office electrics include two white cables at each socket and two cables at the consumer unit location. At the switch there will be a grey twin and earth, plus a black cable to the lights. Each light hole will also have a black cable.

When connecting the consumer unit, it is advised for the electrician to drill a hole through the cladding (from inside the consumer location in the section) and feed the cable from outside – into the fuse board.

The consumer unit is approximately 2m from floor level, unless you request a different height prior to construction.

Access to the cables, they are located in the channel where the wall meets the ceiling.

What is included as standard

Each garden room and garden office includes the following package:
3 x double sockets | 1 x switch | spotlights or LED panels | consumer unit
Lights in the overhang are included on Contemporary, Modern, Curved and Pod designs.

Faceplates can either be brushed steel or white

Additional sockets are available – please see configurator for details.

USB Sockets are available – please see configurator for details.

Can You Recommend An Electrician?

Yes – We would recommend using one of the following to do your garden office electrics, if you don’t have your own preferred installer.

Andy Punnett – A.S.P Electrics – 01926 428228 / 07880 717018 (Warwickshire) – Andy does a majority of our buildings in the Warwickshire area and is easy to work with.

Chris Carmody – Bedworth and Nuneaton – 07805 431818

George Whyman Electrical (also on CheckaTrade) – Stratford on Avon – range 25 miles
07938 952253 –

Andy Wood – Hertz Electrical Contactors – 01788 541403 / 07875 146350 (Midlands)

Blaby Electrical Systems – Leicester – 01162 883493 (Leicester / Nottingham / Warwickshire / Northants)

Luke Robbins Electrical – within 1 hour of Warwick – 07886 182379

Robert Williams – Riviera Electrical – 01327 317210 – Daventry / Banbury

DCM Electrical – Matt – Kenilworth – 07931 353717

Berkhamsted Buckinghamshire – Andrew Berkleigh – 07919 160663 –

Matt Mayne – Burbage / Leicester – 07970 116738 (very helpful and practical – can easily add extra items if needed, which is helpful if you need to pop a trim off during a second fix)


Can I Have?

Sockets at a certain height Yes you can, although they are at low level unless specified.
A spur for a heater Yes you can - we consider this as an additional socket. This will need to be marked as a spur on the plan - if required.
My own faceplates Yes you can - we can deduct the cost of the faceplates if you prefer to have something else.
A timer on the outside lights Yes - we provide a plug socket for these. Our suggestion is to remove the plug and add a timer so they come on when preferred.
Lights on the outside wall Yes - we can install extra cables in the outside walls so you can supply external lights as required
An external socket Yes - however, our suggestion is to spur to the outside, directly from an internal socket.
Dimmable lights Yes - our spotlights are dimmable. However the LED panels are not dimmable.

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