What are Garden Pods?

Garden pods are stand alone garden rooms that add a modern looking home extension to your garden, usually without the need for planning permission. Predominantly used for garden offices, this type of additional room is a brilliant way to add living space at a cost effective price. Not only is a garden pod cheaper than an extension, it also adds value to your property, and saves you time and money on commuting to work.

Our range of garden pods are cleverly constructed to be installed within a single day, by our professional fitting teams!

Remember, this type of garden retreat is away from the house, but still in close proximity, giving you the benefit of separating your work and family lifestyles. Whether you want a relaxing yoga studio, an office space or even a home cinema, a garden pod is a great solution to your extra space needs.

Made from the highest quality materials, our buildings are built to last. Complete with insulation, electrics and double glazing, making our garden pod buildings comfortable to use all-year-round.

Garden Pods

Garden Pod Benefits

Any of the garden pods represent an exclusive solution for home working. By creating a designated workspace outside, you can completely customise it and create a different scheme to that of your house. Because it is separate from the home, take the opportunity to adorn the office with any decor that inspires you. This allows you to concentrate and give you a professional advantage over other home workers that work in the kitchen. The garden office pod will be free from the distractions of your household, and allow you to conduct video conference calls with confidence. Knowing that you will not be interrupted by unexpected guests, allows you to fully concentrate on the job in hand.

Garden Pods Add Value

Garden Office Pods are designed to last for at least 25 years, and are backed by a 10-year guarantee for quality, design and build. Our customers have often purchased garden offices specifically to increase the value and speed up the sale of their homes. Given the scarcity of garden space in the UK, particularly in cities, their size allows them to be tucked away. This garden pod will then free up the majority of the garden for more conventional purposes.

small garden office pod

Garden Pods – Making Home ‘Work For You’

  • The Garden Pod which is built in a day
  • It creates a clear separation between home and work
  • It is fully insulated and lined for year round use
  • They are available in a large selection of modern designs and sizes
  • It has integrated cavity wiring with recessed sockets and spotlights
  • It is made from Tanalised Shiplap, Feather Edge or Cedar Cladding
  • Metal box profile roofing with colour coded aluminium capping
  • Fully Insulated with either Rockwool or PIR insulation
  • Fully assembled
Garden Office Pods
Garden Office Pods

What’s Included

  • 5 layer roofing system with insulation, steel sheeting and breathable membrane
  • 4 layer wall system with insulation, vapour barrier and pressure treated cladding
  • 4 layer floor cassettes with insulation, laminate floor and air flow battens
  • Cavity fitted integrated wiring – inclusive of flush fitting switches, sockets and lights
  • Streamline roof with colour coded trims and guttering
  • UPVC Doors and windows with insurance recognised locks
  • Delivery and Assembly (subject to distance from CV47 9QZ)


Case Study

The Cats Whiskers

Let the cameraman lead you up the garden path, and show you a fabulous location where working from home should take place.

What do Garden Pods Cost?

My budget is £10,000 – what can I buy?

The Micro Pod is a good option for you, if you want to do the whole project for under £10,000.
Starting at £7,500, this is the cheapest price, but the smallest building. It is however, still suitable for year round use for one person.

Being insulated and double glazed, the Micro Pod is perfect for those looking for a separate working space for a couple of days a week. Add in the cost of the groundwork and the furniture, and you’ll still have enough change for a new laptop.


Micro garden office pod

My budget is £15,000 – what options do I have?

The Box Office will give you everything within the budget, and Garden Office Pod will allow you to personalise your own design.

If the complete package is £15,000, then the Box Office wins, as it is a standard design in a selection of sizes. Add in the groundwork and the furniture, and you could well make it the smartest office on the block.

The Garden Pod gives you much more flexibility, but is basically the same building with different doors and windows. Choosing this model gives you more flexibility on the configurator, and a simple way to work out the price.

The Box Office Garden Pods

My budget is £20,000 – What’s the best garden Pod?

That will be the Elegance range then. Beautiful vertical cedar cladding and the full length porch give this building a stunning look. Wow your workmates with the very best garden office, and show them what makes you different from the rest. The symmetrical design is clean, crisp and sharp, just like those who are inspired by working at home in the most attractive garden office on the market.

Configure Yours Now
UK Garden Rooms and Offices


The Micro Pod – From £7500

When you need to squeeze into the smallest of spaces, this is just what you require. The single door and the complimentary window, brightens up the work space with natural light. More windows can be added if the garden vista is the reason why you’re working at home. Being 2.5m high, it fits nicely within the usual planning permission guidelines, and being insulated means it’s usable all year. It may well be a small ‘posh shed’, but the Micro Pod is packed full of surprises and punches well above it’s weight, and you’ll be surprised just how big it when it’s purpose is a dedicated home working space.


Configure Yours Now
Micro garden office pod

The Box Office – From £9000

Fit for a film star – the ‘Box Office’ is a set model that takes out the guessing out of designing. The basic model includes a sliding patio door which gives the maximum light into the building, therefore maintaining a modern design. The inclusive opening window easily allows you to control the ventilation, whilst providing you with a view into the garden whilst working from home.
2.5m is the standard height and fits nicely into the planning permission guidelines. You have a choice of Black or Anthracite for the doors and trims, as these are generally the most common colours at the moment. There is a choice of four finishes for the flooring, and a choice of two shiplap or cedar cladding, the second of which takes it into the next level.

Configure Yours Now
How much is a garden office

The Garden Office Pod

The big brother to the Box Office, this model allows you much more freedom to be expressive in your design. Choose the layout from the list of components on the online configurator, and personalise it by adding doors and windows to suit your requirements. The patio sliding door is a popular choice for a minimalist look, whilst the bi-fold door is a head turner. By simply by adding an extra sidelight or two, you can really take this building into a league of it’s own. The inclusive window allows you to control air flow and ventilation, and the warmth of the timber internal lining makes this a fabulous building for year round use. If you prefer a smooth internal finish then the plain plywood will look as good as a plastered finish, especially after being corked and decorated.

TOP TIP: Upgrade to vertical cedar cladding and make this garden office pod look absolutely stunning.

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Garden Office Pod in the UK

The Luxury Garden Pod – The Elegance

Now you’re talking.

The ELEGANCE stands out from the crowd in the garden office pod range of buildings, being the ‘creme de la creme’ of home office working. Vertical cedar cladding is included and a decked porch area compliments the balanced look. It looks superb in any garden but really excels in a more modern setting.

The Elegance Garden Room

Garden Office Pod Details

How much is a Garden Office Pod? You can buy a fully insulated garden pod, from as little as £7,500.
Describe the walls 100mm thick: 75mm framing and internally lined with a natural vertical groove boarding. Externally finished with a vapour barrier to protect against damp, before lining with pressure treated shiplap. The side walls slope from 2200mm at the front to 2000mm at the back, but are plenty tall enough for Ikea furniture on the back wall.
Tell me about the roof construction The roof has a 5 layer cassette roof system sloping roof and includes integrated spotlights. It is fully insulated, and includes metal roof sheets on the exterior for longevity.
What is the floor construction? The floor is a cassette based construction system, filled with 75mm Celotex, and lined with 15mm plywood. Internally finished with a choice of laminate.
How is it insulated? 50mm Celotex insulation within the wall cavity and to the roof cassettes.
Is it Double Glazed? Yes. The u-PVC double glazed patio door is of household quality, and include insurance recognised locks. Windows are also double glazed with trickle vents. All glazing is Pilkington K toughened glass that is Argon filled.
Does the Garden Office Pod include assembly? Yes it is. All garden office pods are installed for you, by our fully trained staff

Interior Design Ideas for Garden Pods

If you need some inspiration on how to kit out and decorate the inside of your garden pod then take a look at how one of our customers has finished the inside of a standard building. The  customer chose Whitewashed Oak Laminate as the standard finish that we provide.

Our standard vertical lining board has been painted on the inside with white Protek Royal Exterior wood paint. In addition to the white, a contrasting light grey has been added to the back wall, giving a superb modern look to the inside. The standard skirting and trims have all been painted white too, matching the side walls whilst providing a contrast on the back wall.

Following the assembly, the ceiling trims were removed and replaced with Acupanel lining board from the Wood Veneer Hub. This was easy to fit by screwing up to the ceiling, however the customer chose LED panel lighting as opposed to the spotlights, to make fitting much easier.

Acupanel Wall Lining
how to decorate your garden office pod

Plan your garden pod layout

We know that garden pods look great in the garden, but you need to ensure that you make the most out of your new space. To get an idea of how the furniture will be laid out then it makes sense to use an online room planner. Setting up the inside furniture may also impact on where you have doors, windows, lights and sockets.

Using a room planner is a great way to check whether your current furniture or proposed new desk will fit neatly in your new room. A simple solution for this is to use the free Ikea room planner as this builds a 2d and 3d image. Using the virtual vision of the room, will give you a preview of how your pod will be. It also creates a shopping list, in case any of the furniture is too good to resist.


Do garden pods need planning permission?

Domestic garden rooms and offices can usually be installed without the need for planning permission. Providing the building is 2.5m high or less, it should be classed as permitted development. It will also need to be sited behind the front line of the house. Please note that if you are in AONB locations or have a listed building, the rules may change.

If you require a building taller than 2.5m high, you will need to be 2m from a boundary, or apply for planning permission. Choosing the planning route isn’t generally as intimidating as it sounds. You will however need some elevation drawings and some location maps to accompany your application. We can assist you with the elevations and overhead drawings (subject to a £200 fee), whilst location maps are readily available online. You will find all of the relevant information via the links from the planning portal website.



WHAT IS THE BEST BASE FOR GARDEN PODS A concrete pad is the best option for a base simply because it is much more stable over a longer period of time. Paving slabs are a close second, before the ground screw base follow in third. We don't offer the concrete pad due to the logistics involved in the removal of the soil, and the delivery of the materials. This is where a local builder can save you a lot of money. We do however, offer a ground screw base is for those who wish to keep the project under one umbrella and not employ a local builder. This is only available for customers within a certain radius. If you need help finding a builder please contact us as we have preferred suppliers.

Garden Pod Delivery

You may think that living in a terraced house or a property with side access is a problem. Well, think again…

Providing you have a straight line, it is indeed possible for our garden rooms to be installed at your home. If you send over a video of your proposed route to the back garden, let us take a look. Then we can call you and explain what is achievable. It could be that only certain buildings are available from us, however that could still save you thousands on a bespoke built garden room.

To give you an idea on what difficulties we can overcome with a bit of forward planning or to guide you through the next stage – watch the video.

Garden Office Delivery

Case Study

Home Office Build

Scott Jaeger (of Jaeger films) kindly shows you through his time lapse build. Starting with the base, before moving onto the assembly, and the interior finish. Before finally detailing how the customer has painted & decorated inside.

Case Study

Working from home

With his business thriving, Greg needed an office at the back of his garden so that he could keep his work and personal life separate. He contacted us, as his neighbour had recently had their second building from us, whereby we initially discussed the design at our showroom. Watch Greg take you through the steps from start to finish, as we supplied and installed his garden office at the top of his garden.


  • Superb.

    Superb. I've just had a garage supplied and installed by Warwick, and have been very impressed with both the building itself and their customer service and support. The building was supplied and fitted ahead of schedule, which was nice. After initial installation there were a couple of minor snags, which Warwick addressed and put right first thing the next day. You can't ask for more than that. I would wholeheartedly recommend Warwick based on both the quality of their product and their customer service.

    Chris Baker

  • Service was outstanding from start to finish

    Service was outstanding from start to finish. Andrea was so helpful, and Jake was efficient with booking everything in. The guys on site couldn't be faulted, and Daron did a fab job with the base.

    S Allen

  • Excellent Service

    Excellent service. Online design process was incredibly simple. Communication ahead on install was faultless and the install was quick and the team very friendly. Would highly recommend. Great price too.

    Craig W

  • 23 Years old and looking fabulous

    Dear David You built the garage for me in Nov 2000 and the wood is as good today as when you built it and I’ve been very pleased with it. Rain stopped my Cuprinol painting this morning but I thought about the possibility of replacing the felt with Tapco slates, depending on price etc, as it has plenty of life left in it. Best wishes Mark D.

    Mark D

  • Great to the see garage erected so quickly. It looks good.

    Great to the see garage erected so quickly.  It looks good.

    M Cowing


Do you have any recommendations for the additional electrical work?

Andy Punnett – A.S.P Electrics – 01926 428228 / 07880 717018 (Warwickshire)

George Whyman Electrical (also on CheckaTrade) – Stratford on Avon – range 25 miles
07938 952253 – www.whymanelectrical.co.uk

Andy Wood – Hertz Electrical Contactors – 01788 541403 / 07875 146350 (Midlands)

Blaby Electrical Systems – Leicester – 01162 883493 (Leicester / Nottingham / Warwickshire / Northants)

Luke Robbins Electrical – within 1 hour of Warwick – 07886 182379

Robert Williams – Riviera Electrical – 01327 317210 – Daventry / Banbury

DCM Electrical – Matt – Kenilworth – 07931 353717

Berkhamsted Buckinghamshire – Andrew Berkleigh – 07919 160663 – andrewberkleigh@sky.com

Can I choose a home office building size not listed on the configurator?

Yes, our team can make garden rooms for specific dimensions. Contact us for an accurate price. We aim to incorporate bespoke design ideas whenever possible.

What groundwork is needed for the Box Office

Our Box Office can either be installed on to a concrete or paving slab base (customer to organise with a local contractor). Alternatively, if you are within our standard radius, then we are able to offer the option of a ground-screw base, with timber frame.

Do you have any recommendations for groundwork contractors?

Daron Langford – Warwickshire – 07739 695442
Dave Bashford (Elite Builders) – Solihull/West Midlands – 07899 893815
Paul Oliver – West Midlands – 07778 215889
Chris Woolmore – Rugby – 07828 437903
Tim Pearman – Worcestershire – 07831 477585
Woolliscroft Groundwork – Worcestershire – 07961 668971 – https://woolliscroftgroundworks.co.uk/
Kelvin Hughes – Evesham – 07973 361143
Ben Harwin – Cambridgeshire – 07960 033476
Scott Mccue – Leicestershire – 07916 138164
Urban Diggers – Hemel Hempstead – 07846 430271
Shadow Environmental Services (Removal of existing buildings/asbestos) – London, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire – 0207 226 6990 / 07918 070210

How do I get internet to my garden room/garden office?

There are two ways to get internet to the new Garden Office.

Option 1 is to have a CAT 5 cable coming from a router in your house, down the garden and into the back of the building.
We can supply a back box specifically for a CAT 5 cable. Usually the cable is better to be unbroken – hence we don’t internally wire with a CAT 5 cable to pug into

Option 2 is to purchase a WiFi extender kit or a mobile data dongle.

Please explain the electrics?

Garden Rooms and Offices include the first fix wiring, along with the consumer unit, lighting and the faceplates.

All wiring is installed within the cavity and is ready for an electrician to connect the tail ends of the wiring at the consumer unit and the faceplates.

The electrician will need to provide and install a power feed from your house / garage to the new building – usually a 6mm armoured cable is used. The wiring provided is 1.5mm cables for lighting on a 6 Amp fused circuit, and 2.5mm cables with a 32 Amp breaker for the sockets – on a ring main.
There is space for a 3rd breaker if it is required for another feed.

It usually takes half a day for the internal connections, plus the time required for the electrician to install the cable that you require.

Our electrician can offer customers in Warwickshire and Worcestershire with installation and certification independently – please contact him directly (Andy Punnett) via his website www.aspelectrics.co.uk If you live in Berkshire or Hampshire, please contact Ben Thorp on 07917 131984

Please explain the cladding options available?

Shiplap – 16mm x 125mm Scandinavian Redwood machined to our unique profile, with an extra long rebate to allow for natural movement of timber. It is pressure treated to a light green colour to protect against rot & decay for 15 years and is the ideal choice for customers who like a smooth finish and little maintenance.

Feather Edge – 25mm x 150mm home grown spruce with a sawn finish, that provides a much thicker and heavier look to the shiplap. Again it is pressure treated in a light green colour, and is the ideal cladding for customers looking for a traditional looking building that is full of character. The size and weight of the feather edge along with the manufacturing processes mean that this board is a more expensive option over the shiplap cladding.

Cedar – 12mm x 100mm Tongue & Groove cladding machined to create a modern looking finish. Each board is unique as this beautiful cladding naturally ranges from a dark hardwood to a light pine in colour thus creating a fantastic looking natural building. The hardwood properties of Cedar mean that it hardly expands or contracts during changes in weather, whilst it also has it’s own unique protection against rot, decay and insect infestation. Whilst the Cedar will fade in the sunlight, it is a must for customers looking for that wow factor on a garden room or garage, and it will continue to offer that feeling especially if protected against UV rays with Restol Oil.

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