Garden Room Groundwork

Base requirements for a garden building are either a concrete pad or a paving slab base, Set to the size of the building, allowing for clearance around the building to the nearest fence or hedge.
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Garden Rooms and Offices

Who does the base A local builder will need to do the base, however this isn't as scary as it seems, especially if you know of a local builder - or if you are within 25 miles of the Warwick Buildings show site. Alternatively - to get a trusted trader simply click and fill out the online form to get a local tradesman to provide a quotation. See below for more information.
Why is the base not included Price essentially... Our buildings are factory made which makes them very competitive with the quality of materials that we use. They are designed to be assembled on site quickly and efficiently to keep labour costs down, meaning the customer benefits from a great product at a fair price. In summary, a builder can't match our price for constructing a timber building - however due to our factory costs, we can't match a local builder's price for doing the base.
Ground supported base required Ground supporting bases require the soil to be dug out, filled with hardcore and compacted down, before finishing with 100mm of concrete or smooth slabs. Each base is priced individually due to site conditions, and done by a local builder due to the logistics of organising a skip, hardcore, concrete and access.
Can I use an existing base It is possible to re-use an existing base for your new building, providing it is flat and level. In most cases - the slabs have often moved, so they would need re-laying, or a skim of concrete adding over the top to create a flat and level surface. This is still a far cheaper option than choosing a company which includes a base within the price.
Why is a ground supported base needed Suspended floors do require less groundwork, however ground-screw foundations that are at ground level are subject to damp problems, hence the need to raise piles or ground screws out of the ground. This means that the 2.5m high planning restriction impacts on the buildings internal height, or it is over the 2.5m permitted height. Suspended floors are also subject to movement and can easily bounce, especially if the building is used for a gym, or has people regularly walking about on the floor. It is also likely that additional time and cost is required to hide the gap between the floor and the grass, along with the need for a front step to enter the building. Remember – this is not a garden shed… if you want the building to last, then you need a ground supporting base.
Size of base required Slab base to be the same size of the building. If you order extra decking, the base needs to be large enough to accommodate the decking. 100mm thick concrete is needed onto a hardcore sub base, with a damp proof membrane (DPM) or plastic sheet in between.
How long does it take to do a base Typically it takes one to two days to install a concrete base, depending on the size, access, and amount of labour on the day. If a mini digger can get to site, it drastically reduces the time and cost for doing the base. Most mini diggers can access down the side of houses - which are about 900mm wide clearance.
How much is a concrete base Currently in 2022 - it is about £175 per square metre for a base. For a 4m x 3m building, this works out at about £2100 - which when added to the cost of the building, is still better value for money compared to other companies that provide a less quality building and a 'quick base'
How do I organise a builder If you are local to us, we have plenty of builders that can do a garden room base. If you are further away then a simple solution is to click onto and post a job.
What are the steps of building a base Remove the top soil to a depth of 250mm. Create shuttering out of timber, using a laser level to set the height at the top of the timber - allowing for a minimum of 100mm of concrete. Add the plastic sheet. Install a reinforced mesh (re-bar) if required, supporting the bar above the plastic membrane. Add the hardcore and compact down using a whacker plate. Pour in the concrete up to the level of the timber. Tamp the concrete to remove the air bubbles, leaving a smooth finish to the surface. Allow to set for 2 days before walking on the surface.

Base Contractors

Warwickshire – Daron Langford – 07739 695442
Coventry – Paul Oliver – 07778 215889
Southam – Colin Constable – 07831 101650
Banbury – G & A Construction (My Builder contact)
Stratford on Avon – Michael Twite – 01789 470505
Shipston on Stour – Peter Neal – 07967 656462
Rugby – Peter Young – 07836  546089
Rugby – CFW Groundwork Ltd (My Builder contact) – 07960 3810708
Leicestershire – Scott McCue – 07916 138164
Leicestershire – Adrian Henson – 07858 459221

Nothampton – Alan Muxlow – 07970 87598
London – Jonathan Stollar – 07963 664951
Hampshire / Dorset – Jim Parker – 07746 196343
Milton Keynes – Frosts Landscapes – 0845 021 9001
Hemel Hempstead – Urban Diggers – 07846 430927
London – Layzall Architects – 07709 123876
London – City Innovations – 0208 874 1565
Surrey / Berkshire / Hampshire – Tony Cleeve – 07775 900063 – 01344 563042

Base Contractors

Derby – GAB Builders – 07931 127231
Rochdale – DWF Concrete – 07821199142 –

Alternatively go onto

Step 1. Select groundworks from the dropdown menu
Step 2. Choose Foundations for a structure to be built
Step 3. Choose Outbuilding or Garage
Step 4. Add the description…
‘Install a concrete pad for a garden office to the size of     m wide x        m deep x 100mm thick concrete onto compact hardcore.
Base to be flat & level with smooth finish to a tolerance of 5mm.
Install 6mm armoured cable ready for final connections.
Step 5. Give your job a title – Garden Office Base
Step 6. Add your postcode
Step 7. Add your email address
Step 8. Fill in the details and submit.

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