Reasons To Invest in a Garden Office

Working from home (WFH) is a trend that looks set to continue even after lockdown eases. 53% of UK employees say the future of work is hybrid, with time spent working from home and in the office. Are you running your own company? Perhaps you need hardworking extra space for WFH and entertaining? Well, here are five great reasons why you need to invest in a garden office.

Improve your work-life balance

The daily commute can be a real grind. Are you one of the millions of UK employees who spend 1 hour and 38 minutes on average getting to work?

Restore your work-life balance with a 30 seconds commute to your unique garden office. You can spend the time you save relaxing with friends and family, building that pizza oven or just bingeing a box set. And with your own dedicated garden office, you can separate home and business in a way that works for you.

Boost your creativity and productivity

Biophilic office design has been a big trend for a while. Bringing the outside indoors is proven to improve your sense of wellbeing and increase productivity. Plants and green spaces make us calmer and happier, boosting our creativity by 15%.

Your modern garden office lets the natural light flood your workspace. It’s a tranquil oasis free of the distractions of WFH on the kitchen table. And the psychological difference of being in a dedicated office allows you to focus on running your business.

Add value

We’re all getting savvier about improving our homes and making smart investments to add value. As we move into the new normal, a dedicated home office will become a must-have for safe-space working.

A home office could add as much as 10% to your house’s value, so invest wisely and choose a garden office that perfectly complements your home. A traditional garden room is perfect for a country property. A compact pod office will maximise the space in a small urban garden.

Save money

Before you invest in a home office, take a few minutes to do the maths. You might be surprised, especially if you rent office space as a freelancer. On top of your rental and utility costs, you can add travel, lunches, that cheeky coffee or a quick snack. It quickly adds up.

Now multiply by 12 and compare to the cost of a contemporary garden office. Think of all that internal space and wall to wall glazing creating the perfect workspace. Then consider that, on average, you’ll have covered the cost of your garden office in two to three years. After which time, you’ll start saving on all those outgoings while having some great additional space to work, play and entertain.

Flexible space

The great thing about a garden office is that it can be so much more than a space to work. A beautiful wooden exterior room will quickly earn its keep, even after you stop using it as an office.

Unsure how long WFH will last for you? A garden studio room can be used for plenty of different purposes, from a crafts space or summerhouse to a playroom or even a shed & breakfast. A garden office delivers extra flexible space without the hassle of building an extension or converting an attic or basement.

Convinced that garden room is the right choice for you? Get in touch with Warwick Buildings today, and we’ll help you configure the ideal garden office.