The Box Office

Supply only, easy to assemble - simply purchase the shell of the building and add your own insulation to the walls & ceiling, saving both time & money on the project.

Configure your
Box office

The Box Office

Starting from £6,550

  • Pre-manufactured walls with shiplap
  • Pre manufactured Roof
  • Fully Insulated – pre manufactured Floor
  • Choice of door configuration
  • Additional windows available
  • Adjustable Steel Chassis (optional)
  • Cedar Cladding Upgrade (optional)
Configure your Box Office


Floor Details 15mm WBP plywood onto 75mm tanalised bearers. Filled with 75mm Celotex
Steel Chassis (option) Fully Adjustable steel chassis made with 100mm box section, with adjustable corners. Can be sat on unlevel hard standing, or existing uneven bases.
Front Aspect Choice of French Doors & Screens or Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors upgrade
85mm thick - Constructed Wall Panel Details 70mm Framing, 4mm plywood, vapour barrier, tanalised shiplap cladding.
Choice of Cladding Redwood Scandinavian Shiplap cladding (FSC sourced) or upgrade to Western Red Cedar (clears & better grade)
Roof Frames Timber roof frames finished with 12mm sterling board, underfelt and black steel roof sheets.
Roof Trims Colour coded cappings to the roof edges
Guttering A standard kit of black rainwater goods are included for the back of the building.
Electric Kit (Optional) 1 x consumer unit + 1 x Switch + 3 x Double Sockets + 1 x LED Panel with Frame.
Quick Delivery Requires a minimum of two people to assemble on site. Full instructions are supplied.
Internal Insulation Not included with this model
Internal Lining Not included with this model


Box Office Internal Lining

The Box Office is built so that the framing on the inside is still accessible. (Please note that the floor has 15mm plywood provided)

Plasterboard is the most popular internal lining, however any sheet material such as OSB, MDF or Plywood are suitable internal lining boards.

You will need to add the wiring to the walls and the ceiling before you add the internal lining if you intend to hide the wiring inside the cavity.

Box Office Insulation

Whilst the floor is inclusive of 75mm Celotex insulation, the walls and ceiling are constructed without insulation (and lining) on this model.

Polystyrene is a suitable insulation material, and being in sheet format, it is easy to cut to size and install. Rockwool and Celotex are also good alternatives, each with their own individual characteristics. You will need to purchase from a local DIY merchant for the insulation on this product.

Why choose the adjustable frame

The adjustable frame is perfect if you have an existing hard standing area, or an old concrete pad. It is easy to assemble and can be put together by one person, therefore saving time and money on preparing the groundwork on an existing site. If you are starting from a blank canvas, you can either create a full concrete base to fully support the building, or construct 4 pads for the corners for the adjustable feet to sit on.

Box Office Delivery

The Box Office is delivered by one person (if ordered on a supply only basis). We will require additional help to unload – this can be arranged if required. Items can be delivered to the rear of the property, but not through the house.

The chassis (if purchased) is in sectional format – it is easily handled by one person.
The floor insulation and 15mm plywood are supplied loose.
The floor frames (if not having the chassis) pre-manufactured and can be handled by one person.
The roof frames are pre-built. They can be handled by one person – but two people are advised when fitting into place.
The walls are pre-manufactured. The largest walls are 2.4m wide x 2.2m high – please check height restrictions and 90 degree bends before delivery. If you have difficult access – please inform us so that panels can be made narrower.
Front doors are supplied as they come from the factory. Sills and glazing will need to be fitted on site during installation.
External fascia and trims are supplied loose.
Guttering is supplied
Fixings are supplied along with fitting instructions

Optional Extras.
Internal Lining Boards (if purchased) are supplied in full sheet format. They will need to be cut by the customer.
Internal Insulation (if purchased) are supplied as full sheets (2400mm x 1200mm). They will need to be cut on site by the customer.
Laminate Floor (if purchased) are supplied in the full packs
Electric Pack (if purchased) include a Consumer Unit, Single Switch, 3 x Double Sockets, back boxes and 1 x LED Panel with Frame. Wiring is not supplied – customers will need to purchase 2.5mm cable (twin & earth) for the sockets and 1.5mm cable (twin & earth) for the lighting – along with armoured cable (6mm recommended) for the power source.

Box Office Electrics

There is no internal wiring included with the Box Office, however we do offer an electric kit to get you started with the basics. This includes the following

Consumer Unit (with 2 breakers)
1 x Switch & back box
3 x Double Sockets with back boxes
1 x LED Panel Light & Frame
10m of 1.5mm Twin & Earth lighting cable
25m of 2.5mm Twin & Earth socket cable

What groundwork is needed for the Box Office

The steel chassis can go directly onto an existing hard standing such as an old concrete pad or paving slab base. If it is unlevel – the chassis can be adjusted by up to 100mm, to ensure the frame is level.

If you are installing on a lawn – simply remove the top level of grass, and create four hard standing pads for the four feet to sit on. You will need to dig down by 300mm – then either fill with concrete / hardcore with a paving slab – or simply fill a bucket with concrete and drop into the hole. This can be easily removed in the future if required.

What do I need to assemble the Box Office

You will need general DIY tools to install the building. You will certainly need a ladder, battery drill, spirit level, along with hammers, screwdrivers, stanley knife, saw, and tape measure

How long does the Box Office take to assemble

Two installers will take a full day to install the building. It may take two days if it is your first time.

When can I have a Box Office

The lead time for a building is usually 10 – 12 weeks, however this can be longer during peak periods.

You are welcome to book in advance to secure a delivery slot, and still make adjustments to the design up to the point that the base has been constructed.
(Please note that items that have been specifically order for you will still need to be paid for)

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