Summer House Ideas

Create your own private space to listen to music, read a book, or simply relax in peace and tranquility.

What is a Summer House

A summer house, also known as a garden house or garden room, is typically designed as聽a small, detached building in a garden or outdoor space.

Its primary purpose is to provide a comfortable and pleasant space for relaxation, leisure, or entertaining during the warmer months of the year.

The top 10 Summer House uses are

1. Games Room 路 2. Garden Bar 路 3. Reading Room 路 4. Man Cave / She Shed 路 5. Outdoor Dining 路 6. Cinema Room 路 7. Music Room 路 8. Yoga Studio 路 9. Art Studio 路 10. Hot Tub Room

Summer House Designs
Summer Room Ideas

Summer House Design Ideas

Firstly, lets take a look at the design of the building, in particular the construction.

There are two major alternatives to start with in the look of the building. The pitched roof and the flat roof create the difference between a traditional and a modern design.

Summer houses are more often a traditional look and as they were initially created by upgrading garden sheds. Nowadays, with the addition of insulation and double glazing, they are suitable for year round use, so can be a multitude of buildings as the seasons change.

Summer house design ideas

Summer House Interior Design Ideas

To make the most of a beautiful view, a sofa that looks out over a fabulous garden is the way to go. With floor to ceiling glass, this really helps the outside become the inside, especially if you add indoor plants around the summer house. Installing furniture made from natural materials will also give a sense of co-joining the inside to the outside.

Pastel shades such as sage green or light blue provide subtle tones and give an air of calmness. These light colours are fresh and inviting, and work well with virtually all colour schemes.

Don’t be afraid to add a bold colour somewhere in the mix, to really draw your eye. Shocking Pink, Bright Orange, or Lime Green are perfect as a splash of colour, especially if you want to create something individual. Then, once the paints dry, grab a book, get comfy with a coffee or a glass of wine, and leave everyone else to deal wit the stress of everyday life.

The Garden Bar

Outside entertaining in a summer house is becoming extremely popular for those who like to party. You can easily treat it as a lock up and leave garden room, especially when it’s insulated and internally lined.

In addition to the garden bar, don’t forget to add the speakers in the ceiling and a bluetooth music system. This essential can easily be added to both the contemporary or the traditional designs during manufacture, and looks far better as a built in feature.

When creating the building, we would suggest a set of bi-fold doors, as the summer room really becomes part of the garden when the doors are fully open.

Outdoor Dining

There’s nothing better than sharing your time with friends and family, except when you can get together in a place that’s full of atmosphere.

Setting up the summer house as a dining room will certainly take the ambience up a notch or two, especially when the sun goes down. With the doors open and the moon shining, there is no better way to spend time with loved ones, than out in the garden under a starlit sky.

Then after supper with the plates out of sight in the kitchen, maybe the lawn could be the dance floor,



Summer house ideas

The Garden Yoga Studio

Salute the sun every morning by turning your new summer house into a quiet place for stretching and meditation.

Paint the walls a soft hue, hang a print of your happy place and install meditation bells.

And if you haven’t already designed your building, consider putting in French doors or a bi-fold to enjoy plenty of fresh air.

Garden Yoga Studio

Best Wall Colors for Art Studios

There are different ways the color of your studio might affect your painting. First, the color will influence how well you can see what you鈥檙e working on. If you鈥檙e looking for maximum illumination, consider painting the walls and ceiling a light value, such as off-white. Light (from the window and electrical fixtures) will bounce off surrounding surfaces and create ambient, reflected illumination. The result is a well-lit and cheery workspace.

You should also consider your subject matter. Ambient illumination isn鈥檛 a problem if you work from photos or imagination; however, if you work from life, a room full of reflected light makes creating convincing light and shadow effects on a model or a still life setup difficult. For this reason, traditional painters generally paint their studio walls a middle value (with an off-white ceiling). Also, the color shouldn鈥檛 be too strong because intense chroma can throw unexpected color onto your subject and influence how well you see your work. A midvalue gray or dull green are popular choices.

If you intend to display finished work in your studio, you have yet another consideration. Most artwork looks best when set against a midvalue, low-chroma color (as can be seen on the walls of many museums and galleries).

Finally, think about what color you would most enjoy seeing on your studio walls. A studio is a deeply personal space. It shouldn鈥檛 only attest to practical considerations, such as those outlined above, but also be personally pleasing, helping to create a beloved space where you鈥檙e eager to spend time.

Art Studio Garden Room

Other uses for a summer house

Internal Layout Design Tips

A great tool for creating the perfect internal layout for your summer house is the Ikea room planner.

Not only does it allow you to add doors, windows and furniture. It also has accessories such as rugs, TV’s pictures and desktop items.

This tool is a great way to style your summer house and find out what sized sofa works best with a book case or coffee table. Once you’ve worked out the layout, you can either print off the Ikea list, or go shopping elsewhere, knowing what you want and how you want it to look.

Ikea Room Planner
Ikea garden room design tool

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