Wooden buildings are often used as classrooms, as they are cheap to install, cost effective to run, and quick to install. Learn more here.

Due to popular demand, The Early Learning Camp in Nuneaton suddenly found themselves needing more space for more kids at the children’s nursery. Several options were considered, until finally they settled on the obvious idea, and contacted us.

Firstly we worked out the overall size of the building, then allowed a space for a kitchen, children’s and staff toilets, plus a storage area. We also got back in touch with a highly recommended builder (Mat Stanley – from Nuneaton) who did the groundwork for the services and constructed the concrete pad for the building. Once this was in place, we erected the large garden room, and added the front veranda and the false gable over the doors to create the signature design. Once the building was in situ, Mat returned to insulate, line and decorate the inside, plus install the kitchen, toilets and electrics ready for the Early Learning Camp to welcome the additional little tykes.


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