Maintenance Tips for Timber Garages

A wooden garage is a beautiful and versatile addition to your home. But whether you need a single garage for the family car or a quadruple unit for a fleet of vehicles, maintenance is the key to keeping your timber garage looking its best.

The chances are you decided on a timber garage because it’s a stylish and sustainable addition to your home. Wood is a functional and beautiful building material, but it does require a degree of upkeep. So, if you want to keep your garage protected but don’t know where to start, our timber garage maintenance tips will keep your outdoor building in excellent shape for years to come.

natural wooden panelling

Routine check

Begin by making a quick building check part of your regular routine. For example, it only takes a couple of minutes every time you take the car out to check the ceiling, door, windows and timber for any cracks, stains or damage.

Whether you have one of our sleek mono roof garages or a stylish and traditional cart lodge doesn’t matter. However, getting into the habit of giving your garage a quick check for any signs of trouble will save you time and money in the long run.

Annual wash maintenance

Over time, your garage will attract some unsavoury surface contaminants, so an annual wash will help to keep the wood finish looking as good as new. In addition, removing any dust, pollen or bird droppings can help you identify any areas that might need additional care and treatment.

Always let the timber dry out thoroughly before you undertake any work. You can also contact us, here at Warwick Buildings, and we’ll happy to recommend a suitable treatment.

Cleaning the wall

As well as washing down the exterior of your timber garage, you’ll need to clean the interior walls to get rid of dust and grime. This should also help you spot any insect infestations that need treating. 

Make sure you clean out all the nooks and crannies and pay extra attention to those difficult to reach spots. They’re the ones that accumulate the most dirt over time, so make sure they’re well wiped down.

Repair minor and major defects

You wouldn’t ignore that annoying rattle on your car, and you shouldn’t overlook any minor defects in your garage either. After all, minor issues can soon turn into major problems if left unattended, so it makes sense to make repairs as quickly as possible. 

Dark patches and cracks are two of the most common problems for wooden structures. Cracks are relatively easy to fix with the proper sealants, whereas dark stains are usually mould caused by rain splatter. You can usually deal with this issue using a solution of bleach and water and a brush. But if you’re ever uncertain about tackling more extensive repairs, it’s a good idea to consult the professionals. That way you won’t risk compromising the integrity of your timber garage.

Doors and windows

It’s essential to check garage doors and windows to ensure they’re flush fitting and don’t need repairing or replacing. 

Start by checking the bottom of the door by testing the wood with a long-handled screwdriver. Next, check the door and window seals, ensuring they provide a snug fit and aren’t worn in any way. Then look for telltale signs of pests and rub down any dings or chipped paintwork. Finally, apply a new coat of paint or varnish to keep doors and window frames well-protected and looking their best. 

Beautiful timber garages from Warwick Buildings

The better the quality of your timber framed garage, the less maintenance it should require. That’s why investing in one of our beautiful and durable wooden buildings will keep your prized vehicles safe and sound. Visit our show centre or get in touch today. 

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