How much does a garden office add to the value of a house? 

It’s long been desirable to have a dedicated space for home working. However, the recent changes to professional working styles mean that more and more homeowners are considering new ways to balance the demands of home and work life.

With centralised offices closing across the country and all the delights and challenges of the now well established ‘hybrid’ approach to professional life, the focus is turning to the potential in our outdoor spaces. It turns out that countless possibilities can come from installing sleek, convenient offices in our very own gardens.

Garden Office

A garden office adds value to your property

Can a garden office increase property value?

If you’re considering investing in a garden office, this is an important question. And the answer? Absolutely!

Showhouse notes that 72% of the people recognised a need for additional space in the wake of the 2020 lockdowns.

According to The Garden Room Guide, property agents are estimating sale values at between 5% to 15% higher following the installation of a top-quality garden office. That means that a £300,000 property could be revalued at £345,000 following a desirable installation.

How is this possible?

Garden rooms increase the square meterage of a property and can be used flexibly. From workspaces to music rooms, home gyms to party hubs, a quality garden room installation allows busy homeowners to define spaces according to their needs.

But more than that – as daily commuting declines, the mental and physical separation of home and work life offers real value. A stroll down the garden to start one’s day allows the space and time to re-set for the challenges of work and reduces the risk of on-camera invasions by children and the distracting presence of domestic chores.

In light of the changes that the past two years have brought, homebuyers are increasingly looking for homes that meet multiple requirements, and a sleek, comfortable garden room installation is the stress-free answer so many people are looking for.

The benefits of garden rooms

Home extensions are costly, time-consuming and disruptive, frequently forcing homeowners to move out whilst works are completed or live through months of discomfort.

Our garden room installations can be completed within days with minimal inconvenience, seamlessly delivering delightful spaces that simultaneously boost your property value and, unlike home extensions, are immediately ready to use. No mess, no fuss, just beautiful spaces, raring to go.

But be warned – the boom in the garden room industry means that unscrupulous providers are leaping on the bandwagon in the hopes of making a swift buck, often to the detriment of customers. If the price sounds strangely low or the claims just don’t stack up, be cautious. Make sure your provider has excellent credentials – established track record and glowing reviews from multiple happy customers. Like Warwick Buildings Ltd., for example!

Garden buildings and planning permission

Just one of the many great things about garden buildings is that it isn’t always necessary to gain planning permission for an installation.

Variables include size, location and intended use. In a previous blog, we explored the circumstances under which you can install a garden room without planning permission. Check it out to see whether your planned garden room complies.

If your garden room installation does require planning permission, with Warwick Buildings you’ll feel supported every step of the way.

What’s the verdict?

Life-enhancing, stress-free, value boosting: three phrases that capture the all-round benefits of a top-quality garden room installation. With hybrid working now the new normal, a stylish garden room has become the most desirable property feature around.

Warwick Buildings

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your perfect garden room or outdoor office, contact us today. Our friendly team will be happy to chat through the details and work through any concerns you may have.

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