Interior Design Tips for Garden Studios

Whether you’ve recently decided to purchase a garden studio or already have one installed — congratulations! Garden rooms are a great way to create a compartmentalised space for your work or hobbies. 

As most garden studios arrive as a blank canvas as far as interior design is concerned, thinking about decor can be a little daunting. But fear not. We’re here with our best interior design tips to help you along the way…

How Can I Decorate My Garden Office or Studio?

Before you start decorating your garden office or studio, it’s important to decide what you’ll be using it for. This will lay the foundations for your interior design plan, so make sure it’s a use that everyone in your family is happy with.

Will your garden room be a professional office space, yoga studio, or relaxing reading space? Are you an artist setting up a backyard workshop? Perhaps you’re creating a music studio to save on renting a space? The uses for a garden room are endless! Whatever your vision, you’ll need functionality to be at the core of your interior design.

If your room will be used for chilling out or as an extra living room, you won’t need to worry about this as much and can focus on your preferred aesthetics. However, as most garden rooms are self-contained smaller spaces, you’ll need to plan out where your equipment, tech, desks, and computers are going to go if you’re using it for something more specialised.

After you’ve thought about logistics, you can then get some style inspiration from Pinterest. If you know someone else who has a garden room, even better! Pop round to their house if you can. You’ll be able to see what you like and don’t like about their set-up.

Some starting points could include:

  • If you’re looking for a premium, unique look and budget is not a concern, then consider hiring an interior decorator to make the best use of the room – after all it’s their speciality!
  • The Swedish giant Ikea is well known for a reason; employ some of that scandi-minimalism, paired with subtle paint tones and you’ve got yourself a clean, relaxing space. 
  • Upcycling, found objects, and vintage furniture. For a real DIY aesthetic, look at odd, unique objects that you could give a new lease of life. Perhaps some driftwood found on the beach, or an old pallet converted into a piece of furniture – the possibilities are endless.
  • Plants! Whilst you may already feel amongst the foliage being in the garden, indoor plants provide a calming atmosphere, are a great addition of colour, and fill space well.

We recommend kitting out your garden office or studio just like you would any other room in your home. You want this space to be somewhere you’ll love spending time, now and into the future. It might be worth investing in that comfy chair you adore, that print that would really brighten up the space, or that stand-up desk that’s great for your posture.

How Do I Set Up My Garden Office?

In terms of constructing your garden office, at Warwick Buildings, we will deliver and install your garden room on the same day. All you’ll need to do is contact your groundworker after ordering, so they can create a flat and level base ready for our arrival. You’ll find all the information about this on our garden rooms page.

After our expert team has constructed your modern garden room, you’ll need an electrician to help you complete the final internal connections. Then, how you set it up is up to you! Your garden room will come fitted with high-quality components and double glazing, so you can focus on making your interior design dreams come true.

Do Garden Offices Add Value?

As garden offices add an extra room to your property and increase your overall floor space, they’re great for adding value to your home. As insulated, highly-functional buildings, prospective buyers will certainly see them as a useful novelty that’s unique to your property.

If you only have one or two bedrooms in your main building, a garden room can transform your house into a family home. Or if a potential buyer needs an isolated space for hobbies or work, a garden room can be a deal maker. Even if a buyer doesn’t want to use the room themselves, it still presents a great opportunity for renting out to a guest or lodger as a B&B or space room — and this won’t go unnoticed!

For more information about our modern garden buildings, contact us today.

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