Environmental benefits of a garden office pod 

The covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated how working from home has incredible environmental benefits, limiting commuting emissions and reducing energy use in offices. A garden office pod adds immensely to these benefits by focussing your energy output.

Working from home appears to be the way forward, with The Evening Standard reporting that almost 90% of remote workers want to continue doing so in some capacity after the pandemic.

Clearly, there has never been a better time to invest in a garden office pod. But what are the specific environmental benefits of installing one? How will your garden office improve your carbon footprint?

view from a window into the garden

Saving on electricity 

Office buildings consume much more energy than the average home, so remote work proves a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of a company. However, this shouldn’t mean that any additional electricity and heating costs fall onto the employee.

A well-insulated garden home office provides the perfect low-cost and climate-friendly solution to this dilemma. Rather than paying to heat your entire home, you can focus your energy output, along with your work, onto one handy space, benefiting both your productivity and the planet.

Well-insulated garden pods, such as our modern garden office, are extremely environmentally friendly. With thick double-glazed windows and premium insulation materials, the cost of electricity and its environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Limiting the commute 

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the timely and often-tedious nature of the workplace commute, which was replaced for many of us with a 10-second walk to the computer. Reducing the commute also has huge benefits for the environment, particularly when considering that travel emissions constitute 27% of the UK’s total carbon output.

Working from home is therefore hugely beneficial to reducing carbon emissions, but it shouldn’t mean you have to be confined to your kitchen table. A garden office pod is the perfect way to separate work and home life, whilst also protecting the planet. They can slash your commute to just a few steps across your garden. This opens up more time to spend with family and friends and reduces the number of cars on the road.

Providing a new focus on your diet 

Cutting back on travel and energy output saves both time and money, creating the opportunity to consider the smaller environmentally friendly changes that we can all make.

For example, a garden home office allows for a more eco-friendly diet to be pursued. You reduce packaging by preparing lunches rather than grabbing a plastic-wrapped meal deal on the go. Plus, it’ll save you money!

Bringing the outside, indoors 

Another way to benefit the environment with your garden office pod is to increase the amount of plant life. Whether you plant flowers in beds around the perimeter of your pod or decorate inside with potted plants, they’ll produce oxygen, reduce CO2 and attract wildlife.

Plants and greenery have also been shown to improve wellbeing, making us feel calmer and happier, and boosting creativity by 15%.

Personalise your eco-friendly garden office pod with Warwick Buildings 

At Warwick buildings, we also go the extra mile to avoid damage to the environment in the assembly and fitting process. From sourcing sustainable materials to carefully planning the installation, we ensure the protection of plant life where possible.

As one of the UK’s leading garden office manufacturers, we always guarantee a premium service, too. Offering six unique models, including our modern garden office, our designs are then specifically altered and fitted to meet your wishes.

Get in touch today to design the perfect garden office pod!

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